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Websites That Work!
Custom Website Design
AHEADworX - Custom Build Websites for Your exact needs.
Servers configured for You.
Dedicated Web Hosting

We host our client websites on state-of-the-art servers configured for your needs

Affordable Design
Graphic Design Services
Logos, Business Cards, Ads, Posters, Flyers,
Banners, Rack Cards, plus more ...

Increase your web traffic & visibility across the globe

We bring Your Website to life!
AHEADworX Web Design
Responsive Web Design

With responsive website design, your website (and its pages) can adapt and deliver the best experience to users, whether they’re on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For that to happen, though, your website needs a responsive design.


Web Hosting

We manage our own servers and offer specialized hosting and backup services.
Fastest hosting available!

Price: First Month Free
    Customized Servers & Configuration    
Only available to our clients!


Custom Websites

Custom Built Websites!
That's what we do in Santo Domingo at AHEADworX.

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Custom Design & Layouts
Easily Updated & Managed


Graphic Design

Logos, Business Cards, Ads, Posters, Flyers, Banners, Rack Cards, Web Ads, CD Artwork, Image Correction and Enhancement.

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Designs for all projects
Quick turnaround times


Websites That Work!


AHEADworX is your solution for quality, professional, and affordable websites.

We are an Website Design company located in Santo Domingo. Our motto is "websites that work", and that is exactly what our products do, they work for you! Proudly offering website design services Worldwide. We specialize in custom website design, content management, dynamic websites, multimedia, business and e-commerce. Our websites run on the newest platforms, are built to the highest web standards, and are optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). We offer everything you will ever need to make your presence known on the internet.
Our design, service, support and knowledge are unmatched, which means you get what you want every time with AHEADworX.

We offer a Full Line of Website Services: (look below and also see our Services Page)

  • Custom Website Design - professional, affordable and reliable. No one can beat us!
  • Specializing in Content Management, Dynamic Websites, Business and eCommerce.
  • 24/7 Support - Our clients have our attention, all the time, no exceptions.
  • Custom web applications built just for your website. Need a special feature? No problem.
  • Optimized Web Hosting Services - Dedicated Servers (for our clients only).
  • Responsive Website Layouts for mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - We'll get your site indexed and ranked.
  • Client Upload Portal - upload your content to us easily and efficiently.
  • Client Based Updates - you can make website updates yourself, anytime day or night.
  • Image Optimization Service - send us your photos and we will optimize them for the web.
  • Photography Services - we can shoot your images professionally.

Need it? We can build it! The word 'no' is not part of our vocabulary. There isn't anything we can't build. When you ask for a custom feature, we provide you with exactly what you need.

Professional is the key:
Remember, the internet has a global reach. Some of your new potential clientele may be learning of your business for the first time by visiting your website, and the old saying, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression", still rings true.

When AHEADworX builds your website, you are guaranteed to turn heads, attract new business, and make the internet work for you! We want you to succeed.

Call +1 809-899-8320 to get started with a new modern website.
Free Online Quotes and consultation. Just call or Email us.


We have a number of templates in HTML / CSS, which represents the most common configurations of a web page. Thus we have made processed for example, a single page with information and contact details about your company, association or whatever else the website will cover. These templates can be quickly expanded and extended according to customer wishes.

When we manufacture our web pages in HTML / CSS, we focus on a simple structure that works. This is not only helpful to all users, but also later for the customer or webmaster, who need to edit the page later.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is short, the art of optimizing the page for high ranking in search engines like Google. There are many "smart" offers on the net that guarantees a top ranking with mildly suspicious methods.

At AHEADworX we are starting from ordinary logic and common sense and keeps us within Google's guidelines.

On our websites we build search engine optimization into the code, which usually come very far with. It is of course also possible to really go in depth and optimize each page for just the customer's desired keywords.


CMS system and Webshop

With a CMS takes one step further compared to HTML / CSS, and a CMS (Content Management System) allows you to edit your page directly in the Web browser. A CMS requires no experience with web programming and is generally very easy to navigate.

With CMS, it is possible to add incredibly many exciting features like a forum, polls, newsletters or blog. Our CMS is programmed as Open Source. It is a "program" with a large international network of users who develop on the CMS daily.

It is also possible to build a shop on your CMS. Webshop solution makes it possible to have a fully functioning shop with credit card payments as well as an infinite number of products and categories. Like CMS is Open Source and incredibly easy to add new features, change the categories or else you could want.

Although a CMS and a webshop solution is simple to work with, it may initially seem a little confusing. That's why our own manuals for both systems, both general novice, but also manuals that focus on particular customer's area of ​​interest.


Contact AHEADworX

Please call or email us for a direct quote, or with any questions you may have.

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